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Kierulff Technologies provides computer networking and information technology services to some of America’s fastest growing companies.

Our staff is extensively trained to analyze computerized business environments and create cost-effective network solutions. If you have a business with 3 to 10,000 networked computers, here are some examples of what Kierulff Technologies can do to build and maintain the optimum computer network:

Kierulff Technologies Services


Computer Networking

Computer Networking is a broad, ever changing topic in business. Like your organization, your network is unique and should be managed accordingly. Our Professionally certified systems engineers are trained to analyze resources and develop a cost effective solution based on business goals, not technical goals. We solve problems before they impact your company. Schedule a Free Assessment

Systems Integration

True systems integration requires high level knowledge of diversified technologies. The ability to combine existing resources with new technology while simultaneously accomplishing business objectives is something Kierulff Technologies prides itself on. Accurate integration tactics are imperative for success in cost or performance driven environments. Schedule an OnSite Request

Server Management

Servers are typically the center of any network. Server configuration, optimization, and capacity have a great effect on overall system performance, which directly corresponds to business performance. Schedule an OnSite Request

Remote Access & VPN

Experience the power of remote access capability. The ability to properly plan and manage remote access systems is what put Kierulff Technologies on the map. Remote access is a cost cutting jackpot for business owners who have mobile or traveling users. Schedule a new project request

Security Management

Security management requires a depth of specific knowledge and experience that is commonly touted among most professionals, but rarely provided in most environments. Comprehensive security management is the only thing standing between the most valuable information in your organization and the information super highway. Schedule an Onsite request

Monitoring and Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most overlooked aspects of good computer networking practice. Once mission critical goals are met by our systems designers, we induce a comprehensive maintenance program aimed at protecting your investment and ensuring proper functionality for years to come. Schedule an Onsite request

User Support

Kierulff Technologies provides a fully secured Remote Technical Support program that allows your users to connect to our support professionals instantly. This capability allows us to provide support in a fast, efficient manner while reducing costs to all parties, making technical support nothing more than a mouse click away. Schedule an OnSite Request.

Customer Characteristics

Kierulff Technologies works with small to mid-sized enterprises that operate regionally or nationally.
Customers exhibiting similar attributes make them a good candidate for Kierulff Technologies solutions:

  • High maintenance costs, or no preventative maintenance program
  • Disparate, diversified locations
  • Recurring problems or downtime
  • Little or no user support
  • Reactive support, essentially waiting for failure
  • Unauthorized system access or data theft
  • Procedural or growth limitations
  • Planning deficiency

If you have immediate needs, ideas or concepts, Contact us for a Free Consultation
We’ll help you determine how to make the latest in computer networking technology work best for you.